5 ways to support yourself through change

Spring is in the air and for many of us that can mean changes -- big or small. Either way, change can bring up a lot of feelings and be, well, really hard! In times of change, it is so important to give yourself permission to feel all of the feels that may come up. Whether it’s moving, changing careers, trying on a new routine, or just experiencing the shift of the seasons, change brings up emotions. Try not to get overly involved with the thoughts around them or your “story” of the emotion. Instead, I like to say, “Of course I’m feeling this way! This is normal,” and then try to enjoy it, even if it’s anger, tears, or just taking a day to rest.

Here are some other ideas you can try on to ease the impact of changes in your life:

  1. Stick to a routine that supports your body. Routines are very grounding for us and help us feel in control when everything is out of control. You’ll probably feel better about what's going on when you've gotten enough sleep, eaten healthy food, and reconnected with your body through exercise and/or meditation.

  2. Take care of your feet. This might sound funny, but our feet are connected to our root chakra, which is the energy center that makes us feel safe. If you've been needing and excuse to get a pedicure, here it is! Or you can just give yourself a foot rub or wear some very comfy shoes. By caring for your feet, you can open up that energy center at the base of your spine and start to feel a little safer.

  3. Notice your thought patterns. It's really normal when things get rough to start thinking fear-based thoughts. That might be "This is awful!" or perhaps, "Of course this is happening, this always happens to me." Try replacing those thoughts with something more supportive, like, "I wonder how this is actually helping me," or, "What can I learn from this situation?" One of my favorites is actually just, "This experience is neutral," because it helps me remember that we get to decide how we interpret the events in our lives.

  4. Ask for the help you need. Everyone needs a little extra love and support sometimes. Ain't no shame in asking for what you need. Ask your pals for a girls/guys night. Go see a therapist, life coach, or healer. Take a day off work if you need to rest. It's normal and ok to ask for a little extra support from time to time, and you know you'd happily help others in need if they asked.

  5. Seek out supplements. Make sure you're getting your vitamins! Vitamins D, K, and the B's are so important to our emotional health and energy. You'll need it! Invest in some high quality vitamins and take them daily. There are also herbal remedies like CBD isolate oils, St. John's Wort, and some great flower essences you can take as long as you don't have any other health concerns. This is another nice way to support your body as you go through changes.

And please know, the Universe wouldn't throw you anything you couldn't handle. This might feel awful or overwhelming, but you can get grounded and handle this experience, whatever it is. Let me know if I can help.



© 2019 by Libby Meis

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