Yoga in real life: Aparigraha

This week we're continuing on our path of bringing yoga into everyday life with the idea of aparigraha (ah-par-ee-GRAH-ha) which means non-hoarding. You can check out tips and ideas over on Instagram.

Non-hoarding is a twist on the themes we've explored over the last two weeks, non-stealing and moderation. This yama speaks specifically to the things you keep and why. Think about how many things you hold onto "just in case" that you never really use. Major points to you if that isn't the case, but I know at least for me the struggle is very real.

I have to say, this idea is hitting me very close to home (literally). Over the past few months it has become even more apparent to me as I move from Seattle to Chicago how little I actually need. The movers have been storing my things since late March, and it's now June. There have been real moments where I curse that I didn't save something, or where I've had to go buy a temporary replacement, but for the most part, my entire life fits in 2 suitcases as I stay with friends and family, and I'm doing just fine.

You have to decide for yourself where your threshold is. Aside from my strange extenuating circumstances, my personal system is to go through my things (at least my closet) every 6 months, donate what I can, and tag anything I'm on the fence about. If I use it, I take the tag off, if it's still tagged the next time I clean house, it has to go. That means I haven't used it in a year.

Ok but, why?

Keeping things for a "just in case" reinforces the feeling of living in lack, rather than abundance. It ignores that we always have what we need. Which, sometimes it doesn't feel like it, I know.

This is the practice. Come into the present moment. Breathe. Feel your body. Even if you have pain, you can choose if you want to suffer. But I promise, you are more ok than you might even realize. And you don't need anything outside yourself to be ok.

This week, if it calls to you, pick a pile or a closet or a corner and get rid of everything you don't need. Trust that if you need it again, you'll be able to get it.

You got this. Let me know how it goes!



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