Yoga in real life: Asteya

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

This week we're continuing on our path of bringing yoga into everyday life with the idea of asteya (ah-sh-TAY-ya) which means non-stealing. You can check out tips and ideas over on Instagram.

Personally I think asteya is a little more nuanced (less obvious) than our first two concepts of non-harming and truthfulness. I'd wager that most of us think of ourselves as pretty honest people who don't steal regularly (in my experience). However, as with the other two ideas, non-stealing runs a little deeper than just "pay for the stuff you take and don't take things that aren't yours."

I challenge you this week to think of the subtle ways we respect those around us. Time is a big subject for asteya. When someone is late, she's effectively stealing someone else's time. Another big topic around time I see are people talking before a yoga class or leaving in the middle of savasana. That time is sacred to the people who use it for meditation, but creating disturbances, that person is stealing another's time. Or what about always going over to your friend's house but never offering to host? It might be totally fine...or it might not.

And what about your own time? How are you depleting your time by either doing too much, not doing enough, or even just not being present with what you're doing? By not respecting our own time and attention, we're reinforcing the idea to ourselves that we're not worth our own respect, or that our time isn't valuable! (Which I hope you know isn't true.)

The bigger underlying issue here is the sense that there is enough of everything in the world, I don't need to take something I haven't energetically earned.

And that's important because not only does asteya create a very whole and clean feeling to truly be honest and fair in all your interactions, but also it creates a sense of abundance, which of course draws more abundance into your life!

Take some time this week to cultivate a sense of generosity and take note of when you are and are not feeling abundant. You can continue your journaling from the weeks before if you liked that exercise, or just pay a little extra attention. Extra credit if you tip your barista extra this week.



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