How does coaching work?

What a good question, guys! Just a little recap for anyone who missed last week: I'm doing a dive into coaching FAQs this month. I love this one about how does it work, though.

Answer: it depends! It depends on you and what you're comfortable with, and it also depends on your coach and her style.

But to give you a better picture, a lot of coaches will start with an application they'll have you fill out about what you want. Then you do an introductory call or session to get a sense if you guys are a good fit for each other. That's often free. Once you decide to work together, it's common for your coach to give you some pre-work like a book to read or some worksheets to fill out and send back to her. Those are intended to give you both a common language to speak from as you work together, as well as help your coach (and you!) understand what you want out of your partnership. They'll probably have a lot of questions like "What does success look like for you?" Some coaches might even have actual assessments they'll want you to take. Very TBD based on their process and style.

Your coach might have weekly topics and assignments for you to do, which you'll then talk about together. This approach is common for folks who sign up for a specific program. A prepared program will typically be 6-12 weeks. Other coaches are more free-flowing and will instead simply hold time for you to bring your own topics to the session for discussion.

An actual coaching session isn't all that different from coffee with your best friend or time with your therapist. Actually probably somewhere in between. You'll have a topic of the week to talk about, which will either be set by you or your coach depending again on how structured the program is. Then they'll ask you a lot of open ended questions. They'll support you in your dreams and goals, encourage you to push yourself further, recognize you when you're doing something bold and beautiful, and call you on your bullshit when you're not showing up for yourself.

Let me know if you have more questions on this. Coaching is amazing and I'd love to tell you more about it.

XO for now!


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