How to get clear on what you want

It sounds so simple, right? Just decide what you want in your life, and then go chase it. And once you get it, you’ll be happy.

But if that’s the case, then why aren’t more people happy?

A few things. First, sometimes the reality of what you’re chasing isn’t actually anything like you thought it would be. Second, a lot of us chase things we think we want, but it’s actually what someone else told us we should want. And then the big one, third, a lot of us really have no idea what we want. Like, IDK, this sounds good I guess!

Cool cool cool cool. So, now what?

Regardless of how you got here, you’re now a grown-ass woman who’s suddenly realized that this life you’ve been working toward is not making you happy! How do you decide what to do next?

Well. First off, take a deep breath. The fact is, you don’t have to know right now. It’s ok, and it’s going to be ok, I promise. Regardless of what society tells you, you have time and none of what you’ve done or are about to do is a waste.

Next up? Think about what you do know. What does make you happy?

Start filling your life with more of that thing. It doesn’t have to be a huge commitment to start. Love yoga? You don’t have to sign up for teacher training right away or spend a week on an intensive retreat. Just go more often. Go to a few-hour workshop one afternoon. See how that feels. If you’re thinking about shifting to a new field, watch some Ted Talks, do an online training, or call up an old friend or former colleague for coffee to pick their brain about their work. Again, baby steps. You’re just exploring ideas.

After your first round of baby steps, assess!

Maybe you can cross something off your list. Like, “Gee! I thought I really wanted to be a UX designer, but after talking to my friend who does it, I actually think I’d hate that! Good to know.”

And then maybe you’ll find something you want to explore more! Go do more of that thing and just see where it takes you. Eventually it might lead you to a new career. Or it might just lead you to a richer life where your 9-5 doesn’t matter so much. The Universe is a funny place where all kinds of funny things transpire all the time. You have no idea all the goodies it has in store for you.

Go forth in joy, my friends!



© 2019 by Libby Meis

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