How to pick which goals to follow

I see you, girl. You are smart and ambitious and creative and awesome. No really, you are. And the only real problem with that (if you can call it a problem) is that it can be really, really hard to figure out which great idea is the one you should follow. Or you won't sleep. Which I also don't recommend. So here are some ways to help you make some tough calls on which dreams, hopes, hobbies, and passions to pursue.

  1. What do you think will have the biggest impact on your day-to-day life right away? It's so much easier to stick with something new when you get to see immediate benefits, since those little rewards will keep you motivated to chase down the bigger end-goal. Plain and simple.

  2. Pick the one that sounds the most fun. Like, looking for a new job might be really fun and exciting and energize for you. Or it might be exhausting and demoralizing and instead you'd rather workout more or pick up a new hobby. Choose the thing that gives you an immediate boost because it will energize you more to be able to tackle the less-energizing stuff. Also, added benefit, when you spend more time doing stuff that's fun, you might start down a rabbit hole of attracting more of that fun thing into your life, and it could take you in an exciting and majorly unexpected direction!

  3. Follow your instincts. In a lot of ways, this is actually the same as #2, but sounds more serious. Look at all the ideas you have (either by writing them down or just thinking about them if lists aren't your thing) and notice which one jumps out at you as the thing you want to do next. Don't overthink it. Fun might be the word that comes to mind, or maybe it's the thing that's most fulfilling, or important to you, or really any reason at all. Something on that list will scream "pick me!!" and it! Don't think so much, lady!

  4. Make a plan. For my fellow organized ladies out there, this might be the thing for you! Please note, you don't have to make a plan right away. You can just take the first step that appears to you. However, if no first step is apparent, take some time to think through all the sub-steps that make up the larger goal you've got in mind. So, for example, if you want to go back to school, you will need to apply. To apply, you'll need to find some schools that have the program you want to take. Once you look into those programs, you may realize you need to take some perquisite classes. Then you'll need to find a place or a way to take those. See where I'm going with this? Figure out the steps, maybe write them down, and take a deep breath, because no matter how long that list might look, babe, you got this.

  5. Then, notice if you actually stick to the plan or do something else. Here's the real kicker. You might actually hate whatever it is you chose to do. Now, it's worthwhile to take a beat and think about why you aren't enjoying the thing or even doing the thing you set out to do. Maybe that big goal is still important, but it's hard and you need some help (psssstttt...shoot me a note!) or maybe it really isn't what you want after all because you actually for real just don't enjoy it now that you've gotten to try it. If it's the later, go back to step one and be super grateful for the experience you just had and new information you've gained about yourself!

And then go get it.



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