Living Satya

Updated: Feb 6, 2018

No, I don't mean the incredibly brilliant CEO of Microsoft. Satya is Sanskrit, and it's yoga's concept of truthfulness. Truth in this context doesn't just mean not lying. It means expressing, living, breathing what you know to be the truest thing you can express. Within reason. With kindness to yourself and the world around you.

Which is pretty heavy when you take that on.

But let me take you on a bit of a journey with me. It won't be too long, I promise.

Last February I quit my job. I quit my job because I'd been doing the same thing for 4 years, and it wasn't really what I'd wanted to be doing when I took the job. The people were great. The work we collectively did was really good. It paid the bills and afforded me to travel, save some money, and visit my family. However, after 2.5 years of mentally keeping my options open to something new coming along, I finally decided to take a sabbatical and really search for what I wanted. Take a summer off. So I gave my boss a 3 month window to find my replacement, and in May I walked out the door, ready to start a fresh, shiny, new life.

Immediately, seriously, a day after leaving, I received a job offer. One of my former clients whom I love and respect had landed a new position and was building a Seattle-based team. It would be the role and title I'd been seeking, frequent travel to Europe, and her (one of my work-heroes) as my boss. Um. HELL YES. It was a dream opportunity in many, many ways.

As with any transition, there was, well, a transition. Getting used to the new workflow with the London team, figuring out how to do things, etc. All ultimately great work with great people. So, where is the story here?

I still wasn't happy. Which of course is the age-old tale. You'll always be unhappy if you're looking outside yourself for happiness. I get that. But I think there's something else to the story. Which is meaning. The WHY. Why am I getting up and reading emails at 5 am? Why am I pushing through the difficulties of on-boarding at a new job and building new relationships?

So here's the thing. When the "WHY am I doing this thing that is hard and uncomfortable?" came up, my answer was "Because 2 years ago this is what I wanted." And now, that's just not so true anymore.

So in search of living my own truth that will make all of the discomfort that's about to come my way worth it, I quit my dream job. And I'm excited to step into the discomfort of my own truth, my own why.

I've spent years studying yoga and yoga philosophies, and I see people who come to my yoga classes and so many of them are struggling. They come to the studio and say "I'm so glad I made it here. I really need yoga today." That's really common, but I have to tell you, you don't actually need to come to a studio or a yoga class to bring more yoga into your life. And I want to help people learn that. And I want to learn more about that for myself. And that's my why. That's my truth.

So I challenge you today to think about what it is that's your truth. Maybe it's the little voice in the back of your head that says "this isn't what you're meant to be doing," or even just, "you can take better care of yourself with just a little effort," or, "I think there's something that's going to make you happier."

And if you'd like to chat about it, I now have a lot of free time.



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