Things to remember when you're not sure what to do next

You know you're not happy with where you're at right now at work. Like, it's fine, but you always kind of wanted something more. And the ideas are endless. Do you go back to school? Do you look for a similar job at a new company? Do you try to manage a new role at your current job? Can you work with your boss on this? Maybe you should forget it all and move to England...picking a direction and moving forward feels like a huge commitment. Or maybe you're just not sure where to start.

So here are some friendly reminders for how to make some type of traction toward what you really want.

Fear isn't a reason to not pursue something.

That feeling that thrills you to the pit of your stomach and makes you feel a little sick, that's the feeling of being alive. Not to be dramatic or anything. There's a difference between "my life is in danger" fear and "this is really exciting" fear. That second one is what precedes the moments you remember for the rest of your life. Those are the decisions where you grow the most and learn the most about yourself.

Someone else has already done exactly what you're thinking about doing.

Which might be a little disappointing if you're hellbent on being the first, but the reality is, this is a good thing. First of all, it means that what you're considering (whatever it is) is, in fact, possible. If it's been done by someone else, I promise you can do it too. And second of all, you can literally find someone who has done the thing you want to do and talk to them about it! People love talking about themselves. Ask around. Look on the internet. Send someone a note that you really admire them and want to buy them coffee and hear their story. Who would say no to that? You'll not only get inspiration, but some great insight into what it would take to make another step.

You can always try it on before making the leap.

Take an extended trip to London before moving there. Sign up for a lecture series or online course for the topic you want to study in school. Reach out to someone you know (or don't know!) at a company you'd like to work for an find out what they look for in hiring people. And don't be afraid to ask the questions you really want to know! Yeah, maybe you didn't study this in school, how can you use your transferable skills? If you were to go back to school for this new job, what classes would they want to see you take? Gather all the info.

You can always go back.

So many of us assume that if we make a change and it doesn't work out, we'll be total failures in life who will have to move home with our parents and everyone will laugh behind our backs. Or whatever your worst case scenario is. But truly, no one is going to laugh at you (and if they do, what kind of loser cares so much that they don't have their own shit going on?!), and the fact is, you can go back. Maybe not to your exact same job, but you could get a similar job at another company doing exactly what you're doing now if you don't like it. If you move to London and hate, just move back. The reality is, if you try something new and it doesn't work out, you'll probably be grateful for the experience and glad to know you tried and it just wasn't for you. Then you can go try other stuff!

You got this, babe.



© 2019 by Libby Meis

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